Monday, April 27, 2009

Voice of Youth wrap

Here at the ICC offices we're all feeling a bit tired, but it's a good tired! Our Voices of Youth concerts this past Saturday were well received by very appreciative audiences! Since this is my first year with ICC, and my first Voices of Youth concert, I stand in amazement at the logistical feat our army of parent volunteers and experienced staff pull off on concert days. Moving hundreds of young singers quietly and seemingly flawlessly is no small accomplishment!

I invited two couples who had never been to an ICC concert to the 7pm show and am happy to report that they were amazed at the performance. Both spoke to the quality of the sound our choir directors were able to get out of these young kids, and it's safe to say that ICC has some new fans and future patrons!

As people were leaving the lobby after both shows, I heard a lot of positive buzz about Dance Kaleidoscope's performance as well. A wonderful complement to the show, the dancers garnered some new fans of their own. It was not only great for our audience, but for our ICC kids as well. Working with the DK dancers gave them an opportunity to appreciate this most athletic of all art forms up close.