Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to the Indianapolis Children's Choir!

I recently attended a meeting for those parents who have kids in the Indianapolis Children's Choir. These meetings are conducted during the first week of rehearsals to introduce some of the staff to the parents, as well as to summarize the information in the parent handbook. The meeting I attended was for Treble Choir, which is comprised of some of our youngest singers. There were many parents in this meeting brand new to ICC.

As I looked around and chatted with a few people, I thought, "These folks have no idea what's in store for them!" Although they listened intently about uniforms, performances, tuition and donating to the choir, it would take more than a 60-minute meeting to really understand all that the Indianapolis Children's Choir represents. The world-class music education offered here combined with the focus on personal growth that ICC has always strived for with each individual singer won't be apparent this first week.

But.......after their child has been in a performance or two, after they've observed their child's choir director working with a passion that's palpable, after they've seen their child's self-esteem blossom - then they will understand the depth and breadth of ICC. Welcome!