Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Long Day's Lesson

As Marketing Director for the Indianapolis Children's Choir, my days are full. Today was fuller than most. It began with meeting a group of singers at a local TV station for a live segment, then shopping for a reception, uploading photos, selling a few tickets, putting the finishing touches on a press release, answering email, answering voice mail, writing a thank-you note to a local news editor for a print story, submitting some information to a choral publication, reserving ad space in another, reviewing a video project, delivering CDs to a retailer, and loading toys into my van that were donated for a local toy drive.

What struck me as I was leaving the concert venue where the toys had been collected was a smile and a wave from a parent who had been at the TV station early this morning as well.

Her day had been as long as mine.

It was another reminder that our parents are one of our finest assets. They sacrifice, rearrange schedules, and put up with last minute changes. A week like this - leading up to a concert - is especially taxing.

Thanks to all our parents, for all you do. When your children file flawlessly into the sanctuary at St. Luke's United Methodist Church this weekend, when you hear the first measure of the first song, when the conductor takes the podium and raises the baton, you'll be reminded why it's worth it.