Monday, November 8, 2010

Collaboration at its Finest kicks-off 25th Anniversary

Aside from the occasional street musician playing his own songs, most projects involving the performing arts are collaborations. Nowhere was this more evident than Friday evening, when the Indianapolis Children's Choir performed the world premiere of The Lost Son.

Collaborators in this concert were many. The company commissioning this piece, Soli Deo Gloria, their talented and visionary CEO and an equally visionary board of directors and artistic director were just the beginning.

The librettist then eloquently penned the story of the prodigal son into poetry and the composer infused song into those words. The narrator and the orchestra and the genius of the ICC founder and artistic director Henry Leck tirelessly rehearsed until the musical score and the voices melded into one.

The Indianapolis Youth Chorale began the concert is such a classy fashion and set the tone for what the audience would experience next. The local Indianapolis media, the ticket buyers, and the financial sponsors all did their part to fill the house. The staffs of the ICC, St. Paul's Music and SDG did dozens of tasks of that go unrecognized.

The videographer and photographers whose work will preserve this moment in time and even the ushers at St. Pauls who hurriedly added extra chairs as the audience was filling the sanctuary all added to the concert's success.

What sets this collaboration apart from our colleagues in the arts community is the keystone without which none of this would happen: the parents.

Thanks to them, the night was divine.