Friday, October 1, 2010

An Event to Remember

I am not sure if the singers understood. Was this just another performance for them? Did they really understand THIS opportunity?

Last Saturday, the Cantantes Angeli choir were guest artists at the Indianapolis Prize Gala. (This is the world's leading award for animal conservation, presented by the Indianapolis Zoo. This year's winner, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, was honored for his work with Save the Elephants.)

The Indianapolis Children's Choir has performed at countless award ceremonies. This one was special. The ceremony included a song written by legendary composer Marvin Hamlisch, "True Heroes" was an inspiring work about the true heroes of conservation - people like Dr. Douglas-Hamilton.

Mr. Hamlisch was in attendance for this event, serving as accompanist. Henry, along with soprano Angela Brown, worked with Mr. Hamlisch during a lengthy rehearsal to fine tune the performance. It was fascinating to watch these three music professionals - each at the top of their respective games - to come together and present the audience with an experience they will not soon forget.

Until Henry instructed the singers to do a little research on Mr. Hamlisch, I'm sure only a handful knew that he was an Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Golden Globe and Pulitzer Prize winner. Hopefully, it's an experience they'll look back on and say, "Wow! I worked with one of the greatest names in entertainment."

An experience brought to them by the legacy Henry Leck began 25 years ago.