Saturday, April 2, 2011

Give a Little

Imagine this: You're walking in downtown Indy. You find that the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra no longer fills the Hilbert with music, the stage has gone dark at Theatre on the Square, art is no longer hanging at all the art galleries around town, and screenings have been canceled for the Heartland Film Festival.

You wouldn't want to live in a city like that, and neither would I.

That's why community support is so important. These past few weeks, grant submission deadlines aligned themselves perfectly to ensure that development personnel in many arts organizations were going nuts. The Indianapolis Children's Choir relies on contributed income to support its expenses, and grants are a piece of that pie.

Watching how tirelessly my colleagues worked these past few weeks was inspiring. "Burning the midnight oil" was a reality, not a cliche. Dotting all the i's in the narratives, making sure the budget data added up, creating artistic documentation that would speak to the grant panelists with a message that says, "Look at all we are doing! Look at how we are making the world a better place! Look how we are touching lives!"

It's no small task. Along with the ever-present efforts to raise money, people in the arts multi-task like no other. Because on top of everything else going on, so must the show.

So the next time you feel moved by a dance performance, wander into an art gallery for a quiet moment in your hectic day, or find your toes tapping to some fabulous live music, give a little.