Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Common Denominator

In an effort to come up with some new print advertising for the 25th anniversary season, I scheduled a photo shoot with some ICC singers. Due to the fact that the concept was developed pretty close to some advertising deadlines, the shoot was put together quickly. With such little notice, I was not really attentive to which choirs the singers were in - I was just thrilled their parents could get them to it!

It was interesting though, because four different choirs wound up being represented. I entered the room where I had told parents to meet, and the singers were all just sitting there, quietly. So I said, "Do any of you know each other?" Aside from the brother and sister team from Cantantes Angeli, the reply was, "No."

So we went through introductions. We talked about how the CA kids were moving up to the Indianapolis Youth Chorale, and which choir everyone had been in last year. Within minutes the kids were all chatting, and acted like young professionals during the shoot. Considering the amount of experience I have as an art director is zero, they all took direction really well. They were polite, articulate and fun to work with. I was most impressed with how fast they went from being strangers to team players in a group project.

They all had different things going on in their life that day. That evening though, their common denominator was the Indianapolis Children's Choir.