Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project 9/11 Indianapolis Memorial Dedication CD

I spent a little time last week feeling a bit like a record producer. I was listening to few takes of our national anthem, sung by Cantantes Angeli, that had recently been recorded for the Project 9/11 Indianapolis CD.

We were on time crunch, as the organizers of this project needed our recording by close-of-business that day. ICC founder and artistic director Henry Leck was hearing nuances in each take, and he was listening carefully to ensure we delivered the best version. His name would be on this CD, so I certainly understood, even though I kept checking the time on my watch.

Our involvement in this project - the dedication of the beams from the World Trade Center on the 10th annivesary of 9/11 - came about easy enough. I picked up the phone and offered our services. Not a moments hesitation, and Greg Hess, the Indianapolis firefighter who spearheaded the memorial, said "Could you sing the national anthem?"

He never asked for a demo, nor references, nor any questions about our experience with these types of public events. Think about that - just on our name alone did he enthusiastically take me up on my offer to perform at a civic event that will include many of our state's top dignitaries.

Our reputation is solid. The ICC is known for many things, but artistic excellence is at the top of the list. Due to the high standards practiced at every rehearsal by all of our conductors, our name alone is assurance of a great performance.

I'm never involved when it comes to artistic development - but Friday afternoon in Henry's office I got a glimpse at the process. It's a process that ensures when people read "The Indianapolis Children's Choir" on that CD jacket, they'll already know its going to be great.